Why Choose A Career As An Electrician?

Choosing which career to pursue is never an easy decision, but if you are interested in becoming a tradesperson and like to work with your hands, a job as an electrician could be ideal for you.

Here are some reasons to consider a career in this field.

High demand for electricians

Electricians are always needed, whether in big companies or by domestic customers. There is currently a skills shortage in this area, which means getting a job is not difficult, and you can demand a good wage.

What’s more, once you have the right skills, they will set you up for life, allowing you to help out friends and family, and any of their connections, as long as you can fit them all in.

Variety of work

Some people find the monotony of office work boring and repetitive, which is why being an electrician could be right for them. Not only are you on your feet all the time, but you undertake varying projects daily. This means you can be rewiring a house one day and testing faulty appliances another, which always keeps it interesting.

Be your own boss

While some electricians may choose to work for companies, the majority want to work for themselves and be their own boss. This means they can choose their own hours, take time off when they need it, and increase or drop their workload when it suits them.

It also allows them to price their services as they wish and retain the profit, boosting their earning potential. Another appeal of working for yourself is not having to answer to a boss or deal with workplace politics.

Good salary

Something most people want from their job is a good salary, and becoming an electrician certainly provides this. The average salary for an employed electrician in the UK is around £32,000 per year.

experienced electrician typically earns £42,000 a year, working a 30 to 40-hour week. 

However, this could be even higher for self-employed electricians, or those who undergo further training and boost their skillset.

Many electricians also pursue side projects, with the most common being developing houses thanks to their relationship with estate agents. Therefore, they are able to supplement their living even more with a property portfolio.

Always opportunities

After qualifying as an electrician and setting up your own business, you might still feel you have more to achieve. The good news is within the industry there are plenty of opportunities to further your learning, improve your skills or switch career paths.

For instance, you might decide to branch into electrical engineering, become a contract manager, or even more to Australia.

As electricians are high in demand Down Under, you might decide to pack up and move the family across the world for an opportunity like no other.

In addition to experiencing life in Australia, with its year-round sunshine, big houses, and active lifestyle, electricians have a higher earning potential there than in the UK.

According to 
Visa Go Australia, you could earn up to $120,000 AUD a year in some areas, which is the equivalent of £70,000.

For electrician courses in the north west to kickstart your career, 
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