Courses for Beginner Electricians

Brand new to electrical work and looking to become a fully qualified electrician?

The demand for electricians is as high as ever, and the potential to earn a good salary is there for those who put the time and effort into completing their qualifications.

There is no quick and easy way to become a competent electrician; it takes a lot of classroom learning alongside developing skills and demonstrating your capability in the workplace over a period of time. To obtain the ultimate JIB Gold Card you will also need to complete a Trade Skills Test.

You may be entitled to funding, either as an apprentice or through 14-19 education, see guidance here.

*Erudite Training currently do not offer apprenticeship or 14-19 training.

If you are self-funding, the path to full qualification with Erudite Training will enable you to work in domestic, commercial and industrial workplaces, setting you up for wider career opportunities.

See flowchart which provides a summary of the full route to qualification.

Beginner Route to Qualified Electrician

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Electrical Installer

The path to becoming a fully qualified electrical installer able to work in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial settings is with our Diplomas.

You start as a beginner with the Level 2 Diploma, followed by the Level 3 Diploma. At this point you are qualified for employment as an electrician’s mate or electrical improver.

The next step is to complete an NVQ in Electrical Installations where you demonstrate your competence in a live work setting.

Finally, you need to undertake a Trade Skills Test at an AM2 Net Centre. Once you’ve successfully completed all of these steps you can register for a JIB Gold Card.



Experienced Worker Package

Our new Experienced Worker packages are designed to help you achieve your Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations followed by the relevant Experienced Worker Qualification.

Over recent years the Industry has changed; it has tightened the qualification requirements to be classed as competent electrician working without supervision.  Some of the previous qualifications that once met the requirements, such as the Domestic Electrical Installer courses are no longer recognised.  It means that experienced electricians are now required to be qualified with Level 3 NVQ or Experienced Worker Qualification.  The pre-requisite to undertake the Experienced Worker Qualification is a Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations

Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations:

Our Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations is the required first step towards becoming a fully qualified electrician. With this course, you’ll cement your knowledge and skills by completing a number of theory-based exams and practical activities.

Experienced Worker Qualification:

If you’re an experienced electrician who’s been working in the field for 5 or more years without formal recognition, our Experienced Worker qualification is your pathway to recognition and certification. It’s time to formalise your skills and gain the recognition you deserve.

Domestic Experienced Worker Qualification:

For those specifically focused on domestic electrical work, who have 3 or more years’ experience, our Domestic Experienced Worker qualification is designed to meet your needs. This certification recognises your expertise in this field.


We understand that pursuing further education can be a significant investment. That’s why we are offering a package deal for both the Level 2 Diploma and your chosen Experienced Worker qualification. For just £3800 + VAT, you can secure your spot in these courses. That’s a total of £4560 for the comprehensive package, whether for the Experienced Worker or Domestic Experienced Worker qualification.  A saving of £551 inc VAT


If you’ve already achieved your Level 2 & Level 3 Technical Certificates/Diplomas (e.g. C&G 2365 or our EAL Level 2 & 3 Diplomas) and are...

Course from £170+VAT

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Course from £2,840+VAT

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Course from £1,400+VAT

Why does Erudite Training not offer a domestic only route to qualification?

In 2021 the industry reviewed the requirements for the training of electricians and from September that year the Domestic Installer routes were no longer recognised as meeting those requirements.

The industry now only recognises a Level 3 apprenticeship or NVQ. Because of this Erudite Training has chosen to offer the Level 2 & 3 Diploma route towards the NVQ.

You can find out more here.