Top Reasons To Become An Electrician

Whether you are leaving school and trying to decide what career to pursue, or you want a change after many years working at the same job, becoming an electrician could be just the vocation for you.

Here are our top reasons why.

Good salary

One of the biggest selling points is it offers high earning potential. According to 
Total Jobs, the average salary in the UK for an electrician is £32,500, with this figure rising to £36,678 in London.

In comparison, this is higher than a plumber, who typically takes home £31,787.

Those who want to launch their own electrician business can command whatever they want, meaning their day rate can be significantly higher if they work for themselves and have a demand for their services.

Retire early

Though retirement might not be the first thing you think about when starting out your career, it is still worth giving it some consideration. According to 
National World, electricians are among the youngest professions to retire.

The average age of retirement in the UK is 64.7 years for men and 63.6 years for women, and the state pension age rising to 67 over the next few years, which means anyone leaving school can expect to work for another 45 to 50 years before they can hang up their hat.

However, this is not the case for electricians, as the average age for retirement in this career is 48 years old. There are not many jobs where people finish working younger than this, so if you want to spend your older years enjoying your wealth and freedom, a career as an electrician could be just for you.

Save the planet

Though it might sound contradictory, working as an electrician can help with the global fight against climate change.

Experts believe that in order to save the planet, everything will need to be electrified before switching electrical power generation to green energy sources.

Washington Post revealed
 Rewiring America has predicted that making this change from fossil fuel consumption to electrification will require one billion new electrical appliances and cars over the next 25 years. 

Chief executive officer of the group Ari Matusiak said: “There need to be significantly more individuals who are trained to install these machines – and one subset of that is electricians who are trained to put in breaker boxes, wire our homes, and connect devices to our electric sources.”

Therefore, those who want to do their bit for the environment can train as an electrician to help install the solar panels, heat pumps and transmission lines, as well as provide enough chargers for the electric vehicles (EV).

Always in demand

As demand for electricians is only going to increase over the years, you can guarantee you will always be needed and not be short of work. This means it is a reliable career and makes it easier to become your own boss, as there will be enough demand to ensure a steady income.

What’s more, your skills will always be needed, whether in your own home or to help friends and family.

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