TESP Announce ‘Electrician Plus’ Concept

In a world rapidly transitioning towards sustainable energy solutions, the electric vehicle (EV) industry stands at the forefront of innovation. As more and more individuals and businesses embrace electric mobility, the demand for skilled professionals to install and maintain EV charging infrastructure has never been higher. The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) has introduced a concept known as ‘Electrician Plus’ with the aim of encouraging more electricians to enhance their skill-set and acquire the expertise to install emerging low carbon and renewable technologies.

Awarding bodies like City & Guilds, EAL, and BPEC have taken the lead in this domain by revising their EVCP and solar qualifications. These courses are tailored for electricians who meet the industry’s Level 3 standard, ensuring that only qualified individuals enrol. This approach helps mitigate the risks associated with non-qualified and inadequately qualified personnel engaging in renewable installations, addressing potential safety hazards.

Read more about Electrician Plus from ECAToday.

Erudite Training has taken a step in the right direction by offering courses tailored to this transformative role. Our 2921-31 Electric Vehicle Charging course provides qualified electricians with the essential knowledge required to install, maintain, and troubleshoot EV charging points. This comprehensive course covers various charging technologies, safety protocols, and industry regulations, ensuring that electricians are well-prepared for their new responsibilities. This course is only available to those that hold an NVQ/Experienced Worker Qualification or Gold Card.

If you do not hold an NVQ/Experienced Worker Qualification or Gold Card but do hold 18th Edition and Initial verification qualifications our LCL – Level 3 Award in the Installation and Commissioning of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial locations is the course for you. This route includes the practical assessment.