Leading Car Manufacturer In New Electric Vehicle Boost

As the UK starts to transition away from petrol and diesel cars to electric, a range of major changes will be needed. Some of that will be about persuading drivers of the value of switching to an electric vehicle (EV), while another will be the provision of more EV charging points.

In the latter case, adequate installation and maintenance will only be possible if lots of electricians get the necessary training by going on an electric car charging course.

At the same time, more EVs need to be developed and made and the latest good news on that front has come from leading manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover.

The firm has announced a £15 billion ‘Electric Vehicle Transformation Plan’ plan as part of its Reimagine strategy, which will include making its Halewood plant on Merseyside into an all-electric vehicle manufacturing facility, while it will turn its engine plant in Wolverhampton into its new Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre.

Chief executive Adrian Mardell commented: “Today I am proud to announce we are accelerating our electrification path, making one of our UK plants and our next-generation medium-size luxury SUV architecture fully electric.”

As well as the Range Rover SUV becoming available in electric form later this year, he said three new electric models will become available in 2025.

The news comes as a big boost at a time when the naysayers have been having a field day over a drop in demand for electric vehicles.

Autotrader’s Road To 2030 report has revealed a drop of 65 per cent in buyer interest in EVs over the past year, which it attributes mainly to higher electricity prices.

However, the report is not a lament but a call to action, advocating a range of measures to make it easier and cheaper to own and run EVs. One of steps it says is necessary is a levelling of the playing field so that those without the space to install chargers at home do not find it costlier to power up at a public charger.