Four Weeks vs. Four Years – Domestic Installer Course

Our Domestic Electrical Installer course does what it says on the tin; it allows people to get their first foot on the ladder and become an electrician in a domestic, i.e. household, environment. It doesn’t cover the full range of topics that would be covered on an NVQ3, for example, but that is designed to cover many more types of situations, many only found in industrial environments. For those wanting to work in the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural sectors, you may want to consider the Diploma and NVQ in Electrical Installations route to qualification.

One thing we are absolutely passionate about at Erudite is teaching the subject and not just the passing of exams. You are never going to learn everything you ever need to know throughout your career in a course of any length, but we set you up with sufficient skill and knowledge to proceed with this type of work. We always tell our students that this course is the first step to becoming an electrician, not the last one.

Ideally what we want our students to do is then work as an electrician’s mate or similar, in order to gain on-site experience and put the knowledge they gain on the course into practice in the real world. We do also offer further courses right up to Level 4 for those that wish to progress further.

If you have questions about our Domestic Installer course or confused about which path to take to become an electrician, feel free to call or email us for advice.