Could A Complete Career Change Be Just The Thing You Need?

Most people consider having a career change at some point in their lives, but not many take the plunge and actually do it. If you are considering quitting your job and exploring an entirely different career path, read on.

Firstly, it is important to ascertain whether this is a genuine consideration or you have just hit a temporary bump in your role.

There are a number of signs that your disdain for your job is serious, including taking up bad habits to cover up your unhappiness at work.

Career coach
 Elizabeth Pearson said: “Many times when we’re unhappy or unfulfilled in a certain area of our life, we’ll try to ease the discomfort it brings with external distractions.”

If you are finding yourself drinking more alcohol, eating greater amounts of junk food, getting obsessed with online shopping, or being involved in toxic relationships, these could be signs you are unhappy in the workplace.

When it comes to relationships, job dissatisfaction can play a major part in how you treat those closest to you.

An unhappy work life does not just impact you but your friends, partners, children and family as well, as you are likely to bring that unhappiness and frustration back home.

Some people find they mentally check out of work, simply turning up to tick a box and earn money. This might be because you are bored of the role, you are unable to receive a promotion, you no longer feel motivated to push yourself in the job, or there is a bad atmosphere in the workplace.

After a while, your self-esteem might begin to plummet, particularly if you no longer have pride in your work, you can’t use your skills, and your industry is in decline, leading you to question the value of your talents.

If you are feeling hopeless at work and the sector you are in is becoming less relevant, this could be the perfect time to jump ship and explore a different industry entirely.

One career that will always remain in demand is an electrician, as people increasingly rely on energy sources. Therefore, if everything is telling you to take the plunge and enrol in an 
electrical course in Manchester, you should listen to your head.

There are plenty of other careers that will have longevity in the future, and are, therefore, worth considering as alternatives to their current job.

According to 
Qrius, these include becoming an advertising executive, working in social media management, or training as a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist.

These three positions are in the field of marketing, which is growing in importance as businesses rely on online interest more than ever before.

You might also consider freelancing, offering your skills to the public as a sole trader, so you can enjoy a more creative career or simply having more work freedom.

More and more people are setting up small businesses, such as baking, jewellery making, and homemade clothes. Alternatively, you could enhance your existing skills, for instance, as a trader, and work for yourself.