April 2022 Price Freeze

Everyone is experiencing a significant increase in the cost of living. Erudite Training wants to help wherever we can, so our electrical courses will not be subject to price increases for a limited time.

A word on the Erudite Training price freeze from Managing Director Simon Ogborn

“It appears at the minute that everything is getting more expensive. As Erudite was set up primarily to increase the competence of electricians and not to make huge profits, we have always tried to charge the least we can whilst providing the best quality training. That can be a hard balance sometimes, but we feel at the minute that we can hold off raising prices in the very near future. We don’t believe this can be the case indefinitely though, as higher energy prices, for one, will impact us like everybody else. We hope, therefore, potential learners can take advantage of this hold on prices before the inevitable raise happens.”

Want to take advantage of the price freeze?

If you are ready to change your career or to broaden your industry knowledge, take a look at the electrical courses offered by Erudite Training. To learn more about the courses we offer, please contact us today.